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Walter's (resurrected) J-POP Page


I have had a J-POP page up since 1997.

I never got much response to it, so I took it down in Dec. 2004.

A few weeks later I got an invite to a new J-POP discussion group on Yahoo.

I decided to resurrect my page, with totally new information and links!


What is J-POP and why do I like it?

J-pop is Japanese popular music.

I enjoy it because it is different, unusual,

a lot of fun, and a bit hard to find!


        Where to listen to J-POP

You are in luck! There are a BUNCH of J-POP Internet radios stations on line. The situation is much better than when I first started listing to J-POP!


J-POP Internet Radio Stations



        J-POP information links

So you want to know more? Here you go!


J-POP Information & Help

You can even get a book about J-Pop music, written in English! Order a copy of "Nippon Pop" by Steve McClure, published by Tuttle Publishing, at



Now that you are hooked, there are some good places to buy Asian pop music


Sources for Asian CDs




and so do I!


If you want to download some J-POP MP3s, forget about the web! Back in the pre-Napster days the WWW was the place to go for J-POP. Not anymore. Sites like, Riechan's Music Headquarters, Eling Japanese Now, et al are long gone!


You want J-POP MP3s? Turn to Usenet. Don't know what Usenet is? Neither does the RIAA! Spend some time doing a Google search. Once you have a good newsreader installed, go to alt.binaries.sounds.jpop. This small newsgroup has rather a lot of good J-POP!





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