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(The Cuisi DCC was rated #1 in the Jan ’09 Consumer Reports Magazine!)


When Santa’s reindeer get thirsty, Walter is ready!



His sipped the coffee. Mortimer’s eyes slowly widened. Every molecule in his body came alive. His bones hummed with electricity, the caffeine flowing the pathways of his body, a latent memory in his veins moaning ecstasy, seeming to say,Oh, yes. This is good. This is right.


 Bill looked alarmed. “You okay, man? What is it?”


 Fat tears rolled down Mortimer’s cheeks. “Could you leave the room please, Bill? I’d like a moment alone with the coffee.”


--- Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse by Victor Gischler


The Bean

(by Karen M.)

From the Bean, cometh the Power,

When it's ground and brewed

In the proper hour.

It comes in cups of two,

For lovers in the morning light.

It comes in cups of six,

For gaming long into the night,

With an additional three

For friends in the roasting hall.

The bean, Bean of Power,

Can serve them all.

One morning cup

For the engineer forced to drive

With an additional cup

To keep her alive,

But no more when

The sun crosses mid-day.

For then without sleep

She will lay.

Cups galore, from the beans

To the roasting hall.

The bean, Bean of Power,

Can serve them all.


The Francis Francis X!, my ex espresso machine, as featured on an episode of Nip/Tuck



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