I am a retired Control Systems Engineer

Walter S. Email: wms3@smengineers.net

Senior Engineer, RPM (Englobal) Engineering, Baton Rouge, LA (1994-2003)

Senior Instrumentation Engineer, AMEC Engineering, inc, Baton Rouge, LA (1988 - 1994).

Instrument and Control Engineer, Tennessee Valley Authority, Knoxville, TN (1975-1988)

Extensive experience in specification, wiring, configuration, factory acceptance testing and documentation of DCS's (Distributed Control Systems) and PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers). Work performed on medium and large scale modernization and grass roots projects in the petrochemical industry. Clients included Shell, Exxon, Carboline, CF Industries, CRI, Olin, Crown Vantage, Enterprise, Sid Richardson, Rubicon, Alcoa, Chevron, Uniroyal, Giant Refinery, Dextron, Star Refinery, Air Products, Gulf Liquids.

Successfully configured/programmed the following systems:



Moore/Siemens APACS DCS

4-mation, Mycroadvantage.

Emerson Delta V DCS

Delta V Explorer

Honeywell Plantscape DCS

Quick Builder, Control Builder, Graphics Builder, Station

Modicon Quantum and 984 PLCs

NXT, Concept



Bailey Infi 90 DCS

CAD, SLDG, WinTools

Honeywell TDC 2000 (Basic Controllers, Extended Controllers, PIUs)

Workbook, direct data entry on Basic Op Station, Form 8s

Honeywell TDC 3000 (Process Managers, Advanced Process Managers)

Workbook, direct data entry on Universal Op Station

Moore Mycro 353 Controllers

Direct data entry


Performance earned raises and bonuses, and generated comments from supervisors and clients, such as: "Walter was a key to the success of the . . . projects.'' "We need to recognize the efforts of Walter Scott as a key factor in the success of the technical aspects of this project.'' "Walter is a very knowledgeable engineer . . . particularly in the field of digital techniques and computers.''


Trained in Emmerson Delta V, Honeywell and Westinghouse Distributed Control Systems, MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, Dbase, Access, Autocad, Novell Netware, FORTRAN, BASIC, Combustion Controls and Instrumentation, Modular Modeling System, Application Productivity Tool (APT), Practical TCP/IP Networking for Industry.

BSEE   University of Michigan, 1975. Concentration in digital logic, electronics and computers.


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