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Walter & Karen's Audio & Video Conversion Service

(Since 2003)

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We offer a service to convert your old VHS tapes to long lasting DVD format. Why convert? Because VHS tapes can wear out or become damaged by a faulty VCR. DVDs are fully digital, more rugged, and will last a lot longer!

Another advantage of DVDs is that they have menus and chapter stops. This makes it a lot easier to find exactly what you are looking for, rather than spending time shuttling a tape back and forth.

We have a digital video editing set up in our home. We have everything required to rescue your valuable material from deteriorating VHS tape, and preserve it onto an easy-to-play DVD.

We can also convert audio cassettes and LP records to audio CDs.

Our services and rates are as follows:

Basic Conversion: We will copy the contents of your tape (up to 2 hours) onto DVD. No editing, no color processing, no titles or menus. The rate is $20 per DVD.

Editing: We will edit your video, add titles, and do whatever we can to improve the appearance of your video. Often we have had very good results making an old VHS tape look a lot better, but everything depends on the quality of the original material. We will also add menus and chapter stops to the DVD. This procedure can be as simple or as complex as you require. We will review your tape with you, and you can make decisions about the editing and titles. The rate for editing is $20 per hour of our time, added to the charge for Basic Conversion.

Audio Conversion: We can make audio CDs that you can play in any CD player from either cassettes or records. The rate for cassettes is $20 per cassette. The rate for LPs is $25 per LP. If required, we will clean your LPs and apply a digital "pop and click" removal filter to the music.

Additional DVD Copies: $5 each.

How much video will fit on a DVD? For the best quality from a digital source we recommend 60 minutes of video per DVD. However, for video from VHS tapes we can safely fit up to two hours of video per DVD with little decrease in quality. (Note that consumer DVDs hold less material than commercial DVDs.)

We can also provide additional audio, video and graphical related services including creating, shooting and editing of video projects. Contact us for details and rates. We also provide discounts for large number of conversions. Call or email for a written quotation.

Rate/Service Summary



Basic Conversion

$20 per DVD


$ 20 per hour

Audio Conversion

$20 per cassette, $20 per LP

Other audio/video services, or quantity discounts

Contact us for details


All of our work is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with your DVD or CD, return it within 7 days for a refund. If you don't like our work, tell us. If you do like it, tell your friends!

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