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Cajun Clickers Computer Club Of Louisiana
Digital Video Special Interest Group

(The SIG was started in January, 2004)


The CCCC Digital Video SIG has been producing videos for the club since 2004. These videos are presented here for download as high quality Windows Media Video (wmv) files. These work best if they are downloaded then played, rather than streamed. Please use these videos in any Cajun Clickers workshop, presentation or promotion. All videos copyright © by Cajun Clickers Computer Club, Baton Rouge, LA. (Right click and select ‘save as.’ Problems or comments: Contact Walter (email)

Videos about the Cajun Clickers Computer Club

Video File


Length, Size

Early Days of the Cajun Clickers

How the CCCC was formed

5 min, 40 MB

An Introduction to the Cajun Clickers

All about our club

5 min, 40 MB


A short tour of our facilities

1 min, 7 MB


Christmas 2009 festivities

1 min, 6 MB

Instructional Videos

Video File


Length, Size

Building a multimedia PC

How to build a computer

1 hr, 145 MB

A Hardware Slideshow!

Views of computer hardware

3 min, 12 MB

Inside Your Computer

What is inside of a computer

4 min, 30 MB

On Line Tutorial Videos Are Posted here

Information about creating on line tutorials is located here

The CCCC DV SIG in Lecture Room 1 at the CCCC Office in Baton Rouge. The purpose of the SIG is to discuss information and topics related to digital video. Topics include shooting video, capturing video to your PC, editing and processing video and audio, and creating DVDs. In addition, topics related to the convergence of computers, video and home theater are discussed. The video SIG has been meeting since January 2004!

The SIG is lead by Walter Scott (email)

SIG Meetings will be scheduled in the future as required


Video SIG Projects

High Definition


The Mosquito Video


Video Information (documents in PDF format)

Walter’s A/V Tools

An Excellent Low Cost DVD Player!

My New Year's Video Resolution: A new way to archive VHS tapes!


Over in the Amateur Video Editing Yahoo group ( ) we had a couple of group members who purchased hard drive based High Definition camcorders without doing a lot of background research. They immediately found that they had major problems editing, and in one case, even viewing the native files from their cameras. CCCC Video SIG and AVE group member Jack Giammerse, Jr. took the lead in helping these guys out by researching different software solutions for them. This article is a summery of what Jack found out during his investigation.  It is a bit rough around the edges, and not totally complete, but if you are planning to purchase a High Definition camcorder, this article can save you a LOT of time and effort. Jack Giammerese, who holds the copyright to it, wrote it and it was edited by Walter Scott.

And here is another excellent article on HD Cameras and Formats

Know Your Connectors! Don’t be confused!

(Click the jpeg to download the full size version)

Some video SIG members have become involved with High Definition video, using the Aiptek GO-HD  High Definition 720p Camcorder


Format and Quality Issues

This inexpensive, SD card based camera records high definition video in mov format.  These files appear to be very high quality.  However, mov files require some version of Apple QuickTime, and to edit them requires QuickTime Pro. As we wanted to avoid these programs, we attempted to convert the files to wmv format, and then to edit them in Sony Vegas 6. To convert from mov to wmv format, we used SUPER C, a free video converter.  (More on SUPER C below.) It appears that we did lose some quality in the conversion. On the other hand, it looks like we did not lose any quality in the editing.


The Care and Feeding of SUPER ©

SUPER C is an excellent free multiformat audio/video converter that does not require you to install any CODECs. However, they have really hidden SUPER C, making it almost impossible to find. Here is the trick: Go to this page: Scroll down to the link at the bottom of the page "start downloading SUPER © right now." Click that link. At the page that comes up, scroll about 1/3 down until you see the phrase "SUPER © is a FREE Multimedia software to download and use." Click on "download and use." At the page that comes up, scroll to the very bottom and click on the link "download SUPER © setup file."


To use SUPER C, You have to set your screen resolution to at least 1024 x 768 or SUPER C will not display properly. Here are a couple of screen grabs of what it should look like




Some members of the SIG were involved in a short video political satire created by one of the SIG members. Here is the completed project: mosquito-small.wmv (Warning, not for kids!) Right click and select ‘save as’)

The program we used for the Chroma key effect is ZS4, a free video editor. You can find out about this program and download it at This free program is not easy to use! I created a tutorial for creating chroma-key effects. Anyone new to the software may find this of interest. The tutorial is in very compressed wmv format and is about 30 minutes long. The file size is around 50 MB, so dial up users beware. zs4-tutor.wmv


If you are in the Baton Rouge area, and would like to join Walter and Karen in creating original, G- rated videos, go here:

Walter and Karen's Video Production Page:

Need help with your video projects? Go here:

Links to other useful groups and sites

Amateur Video Editing group on yahoo

Useful Information on Digital Video

Information on DVDs

More DVD Information

Video Guys


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