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Karen's Web has lurked around the Internet in one form or another since 1996. It is a place where I offer to share my creative endeavors with fellow Web surfers. Welcome to the latest iteration.


Self Portrait of

Karen on a plane to Las Vegas

 August 2004

Who I am…


When I'm not working as a professional control systems engineer (licensed since 2001), I enjoy writing, travel, photography, computer art, doll making, music, computers and science fiction.


I live with my husband Walter S., who shares my interest in computers and science fiction, in south Louisiana, USA.


We are members of a science fiction club, The Lampwick Continuüm, and we are volunteer instructors for the Cajun Clickers Computer Club in Baton Rouge. We've been teaching workshops for over 10 years.


My online offerings…


My biggest creative hobby is writing, and I have written a pair of novels that I am releasing to the Web under the Creative Commons license. Both novels are for mature readers only! One is a historical erotic vampire novel set in the 16th century, and the other is the start of a multigenerational tale set 700 years in the future. I have also uploaded some sample photos onto Flickr. If you'd like to check out my stuff, click on one of the links below. Enjoy!


Read The Phoenix Revolution (science fiction novel)

Read The Night Assassin (historical vampire novel)

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